Father John Nuelle (often called Fr. Jack) was the President and Executive Director of the North American La Salette Mission Center based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, till 2011. Fr. Jack continues to be associated with Pennies for Africa and now he is working with the missionaries in their rehabilitation who return home to the US from overseas. Fr. Jack currently lives in Washington D.C.

PENNIES FOR AFRICA Fr. Thomas Vellapallil, M.S.

In 2011 Fr. Thomas began his service with the North American Mission Center after serving in the Philippines and working in pastoral ministry in the United States. The North American La Salette Mission Center strives to provide economic and spiritual assistance for La Salette missions in Angola, Madagascar and Namibia in Africa; India, Myanmar and Philippines in Asia; Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina in South America. Haiti has been added on to this list as our latest mission. Fr. Thomas’ support of the Pennies for Africa Project is one way he shares Arpita’s desire to serve the poorest in Africa.

Dirk and Martha Kelder

Dirk has worked as a psychotherapist and personal coach. He is also a musician who plays for inspiration in community gatherings for the willing listeners. He has been a hospital chaplain and, with his wife Martha, a house parent for developmentally disabled adults. He was also a teacher in computer technology many years ago. He agreed to construct the website and manage it for Arpita as he loves the spirit of Arpita, who he comes to know through Arpita’s parents. Martha's work has to do with art, creativity and counseling. She likes to encourage and help Arpita with her artwork.

Arpita & Uncle Dirk

Fr. Stan Kennedy, PhD, M.S.

Rev. Stan Kennedy, PhD, M.S. is a member of the North American Province of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, a fine human being and a great missionary. He was a spiritual mentor for and a friend of the family passed away in 2012 to the Eternal Home.