Pennies for Africa Projects

Arpita with Fr. Jack

After the website was initially set up, an agency was sought that works with the poor in Africa and who could administer the funds that were contributed. In October 2005 Arpita met and talked with Fr. Jack (Fr. John R.Nuelle, MS, President and Executive Director of the North American La Salette Mission Center, Inc.). When he told her about a village in Namibia called Opuwo and the many struggling children there, she decided to work with Fr. Jack and try to help support them. In November, an official affiliation letter was signed and certified.

In the village of Opuwo there is also a kindergarten which has been in danger of being closed for lack of money to pay the teachers. For more information on this, check the Opuwo project page. With the assistance of the school has been able to remain open up to the present. Thank you for your help in making this possible.

But Arpita's enthusiasm did not stop there. She later spoke to Fr. Jack about other possibilities, and Fr. Jack replied in a letter which can be read here. In his letter, Fr. Jack proposes two other possible areas of focus for One is to support physically and mentally challenged children living in Morondava, Madagascar, who are looked after by an organization called the "Beautiful Gate" (click here for pictures). The other project is about supporting

mentally handicapped children, also in Opuwo, Namibia. These projects are now being helped by your donations, as you can see below. More information on these future projects will be available in the near future.

Meanwhile, here is what has been collected and sent to Africa to help needy people in Namibia and Madagascar so far. Thanks to Arpita's efforts and your generous donations, many people in Africa are better off than they otherwise would have been.

If you haven't seen the information about the Opuwo and the Madagascar projects yet, please check them out.

"Dad, I want to start a to help the
poor children in Africa, so they can eat and buy clothes."

Arpita Sally Joyce