Opuwo Namibia

Opuwo Namibia

Opuwo as seen from the airport

In the village of Opuwo the kindergarten was in danger of being closed for lack of money to pay the teachers. When they heard of possible support, this email message was sent by Father Avelino from Namibia. And when it was announced that Arpita's fund-raising efforts was going to contribute to that situation, there was quite a response. As Fr. Avelino writes in another email message just before Christmas, 2005:

You cannot imagine how the Community welcomed the message! The teachers came into the Office with me, and I could see tears flowing down. It touched me so deeply that suddenly you could see my tears as well.

In the near future we hope to have some photographs of the children, the teachers, the school, and the village of Opuwo in Namibia, as well as names of children who would be happy to receive letters and will write back, and perhaps also some adults.

As for the future project of helping mentally handicapped children in Opuwo, more information will be given when available.

If you haven't seen them yet, here are some pictures of the village of Opuwo.

Meanwhile, your contributions are really making a difference; please offer a donation.

"Dad, I want to start a PenniesForAfrica.com to help the
poor children in Africa, so they can eat and buy clothes."

Arpita Sally Joyce