My Stories


"Dad, I want to start a to help the
poor children in Africa, so they can eat and buy clothes."

— Arpita Sally Joyce

Arpita told these stories on May 1, 2004.

The Lost Sheep

The Shepherd always counted his sheep. Every night he counted them. One night ,one sheep was missing out of 100. So, he left all other sheep and went to look for the one that was missing. The man was worried because the children in the village always played with the missing one so he did not want the children to be sad.

So, he went and went to find the missing sheep. Suddenly he heard a ‘Bha! Bha!', sound. And he found the sheep and carried it on his shoulder and went back. All the other sheep were happy that they found the youngest brother sheep. All of them lived happily ever after.

Good Samaritan Good Samaritan

The person who was hurt in the Good Samaritan story became well. He went out of the hotel and he saw two men lying down hurt. He looked at them and remembered them. The two men are from the Temple of God who passed by when he lying down and hurting. He remembered them seen them before. He had some food from the hotel and bent down and gave them food. He took them to the hotel and paid some money. He had some money left over from the money that was paid for him to the hotel owner by the Good Samaritan when he was hurting. He took them over to the hotel and paid to the hotel owner with the left over money to take care of them. He did this to the two men even though they did not care for him when he was hurt. After paying the money he went away quietly.