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Please save your pennies
and help a hungry child in Africa!

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"Dad, I want to start a to help the poor children in Africa, so they can eat and buy clothes." –Arpita Sally Joyce

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A single penny from your pocket
can make a big difference in their lives!

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Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me (Mt 25:40)


PENNIES FOR AFRICA Dear friends and families,

Thank you for your interest and for visiting this website.

My name is Arpita Sally Joyce, and I want to ask you to save up your pennies to help the so many people in Africa who are hungry. When I saw pictures on TV like the ones you see here, I felt very sad and I wanted to help them. My father and I went for a walk later on, and I found a few pennies on the street. I told him I wanted to send them to Africa to pay for food for those who were so hungry. Then when I was on the internet, I decided to make it possible for others to also send their pennies to Africa. That's how Pennies for Africa began in 2004.

In 2005 I started a project called "Pennies for Africa," specifically to help schoolchildren in Africa. It began with a small kindergarten in Opuwo, Namibia, which was struggling to make ends meet. With low funds and not enough staff, the school was getting ready to close. After extensive fundraising, along with many generous donations, Pennies for Africa was able to send what it had raised to the school through the LaSalette missionaries,

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