Donation Updates

Below is the latest update on what has been collected and sent to Africa to help needy people in Namibia and Madagascar so far. Thanks to Arpita's efforts and your generous donations, many people in Africa are better off than they otherwise would have been.

Money given out of Pennies for Africa

Date Amount Project
4-8-06 $1,700.00 Namibia
12-22-06 $3,850.00 Namibia
8-1-07 $1,865.00 Namibia
Namibia Total $14,415.00
1-17-08 Madagascar $7,000.00
Total $21,415.00 (Both)

For Both projects in Namibia and Madagascar from 2009 are:

2009 $7564
2010 $8,259.42
2011 $7270.60
2012 $5423.06
2013 $2486
Total $31, 003.08

Grand Total for both the projects till date: $ 52, 418 and 08 cents.

As you can see, your pennies and dimes have added up to help many people in Africa already. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. If you have not donated yet, please consider doing so now. If you have, your continued offerings are needed for the ongoing efforts to support those less fortunate than us, often to the point of desperation. To offer your donations, please use the below "Donate Button"